An E52 Production

Written by Dave Windass

Directed by Andrew Pearson

Performed by Sarah Brignall

Artwork by Gareth Sleightholme

Original Music by The Broken Orchestra

Design by Sarah Mole

Where: Kardomah 94, Hull, HU1 2AN

When: 12-15 September, 8pm

Tickets: On sale soon

The city is not in ruins – it is no longer there.

All cities on Earth have disappeared after the eco-disaster that humankind brought upon itself.

Water levels have risen, the next ice age will soon be upon us.

The planet, however, continues to thrive; as it always would.

And people? Where are they? Humankind is over. Almost. Only Aiko remains and is travelling this hostile environment via a makeshift boat.

Desperate to find human company and leave this mess behind, this naïve city kid heads to find the land – and the people – that she hopes must be out there somewhere.

And it is as she gets close to the great wide open that her solitude is disturbed. By the wise caracal Toru.

Both Aiko and Toru are lonely creatures and, against their better judgement, they decide to roam together, heading on a journey that allows them to focus on the true nature of planet Earth.

As the secrets of the planet in its new state are revealed, and with only Toru to advise her, Aiko has to make a decision that will impact on humankind – does she start the cycle of endless human interference in the planet’s wellbeing again? Or allow Earth to readjust, for the better, without us posing a threat to its future?

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