Shakespeare versus Molière

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Presented by French Compagnie Via Cane & Hull-based Indigo Moon Theatre

For ages 12+

Where: Scrapstore Studios, Dairycoates Avenue, Hull, HU3 5DB

When: March 8-12. 2.00 pm & 7.30 pm each day

Tickets: £10/£5

We Got Tickets - Shakespeare versus Molière

Telephone bookings: 07855 328552 (Group Discounts Available)

Here’s a mighty original battle! Shakespeare versus Molière casts an eye over the historic rivalry which binds together England and France: two countries with destinies so intertwined.

This challenge apart, the creative collaboration between two puppetry companies from either side of the Channel sees them drawing upon the genius of Shakespeare, Molière, Racine and other great playwrights to boot.

What if Shakespeare and Moliere were our contemporaries? What would they write about migrants come from the world over?

A wave of migrants has landed on French and English shores, all hoping for a better life.

Grandeur and decadence, social upheaval and love affairs are brought to life by a puppeteer from each country, with both puppeteers playing the role of a border guard. /

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